Different Types of Food Packaging Equipment and Machineries

Strawberries on plastic packaging

There are different procedures for packaging products. A product could be packaged individually, it can be in the form of bundled goods, or perhaps they are separately packaged and placed on a case before it is shipped locally or globally.

While there remains manual packaging especially for the individual, separately sold products, most business and factories have their case packing equipment and high-speed packaging machinery installed for faster delivery of products and goods. This is true especially for bulk orders like pharmaceutical, toiletries, and processed can foods among others.

Packing food products are a bit different, more meticulous simply because they are highly perishable. Here are the different types of machines and processes on packaging food products:

Vacuum Packaging

The most popular processed food packing procedure is using vacuum packaging. As the name suggests, air is vacuumed out, eliminating microorganisms from swarming on the food. Thus, it helps increase the shelf life of foods. This is usually used for products being sold on cold display storage units.

Biscuit Packaging

Maintaining a desired amount of temperature is the main target of biscuit packaging. In this way, the freshness of the food is retained. It is also said to help manufacturers to monitor their daily production.

Bundled Food Packaging

Widely used by food manufacturers and suppliers, bundled food packaging can store some items lined up in a single pack. The products are bundled for economic purposes. Examples of this are eight pieces of medium-sized chocolates wrapped into one or a pack of candies.

Capping Machines

Sealing bottled drinks, syrups, condiments and other similar products with an air-tight cap is what a capping machine does. This is to ensure that the product inside the bottle won’t be spilt before slipping inside a box or a case. Capping machine is usually seen in breweries and soda bottling plants.

Bagging Equipment

Another popular packaging machine used by food processing plants and factories is the bagging machine. This is usually used to bag rice, sugar, powdered milk and other similar products. Foods packed using this process doesn’t need any special treatment since it has naturally long storage life.