Check Your Home for Any Signs of Foundation Damage

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A house’s foundation acts as the bedrock of the entire home. A strong foundation means a strong house, but what if the foundation has become weak? Foundation problems can mean expensive house repairs down the road since underground issues will lead to aboveground problems.

In fact, your home can become unstable in time. Fortunately, you can catch foundation problems early. You can watch out for the signs below and subsequently call foundation repair contractors such as Van Matre Construction, LLC if you find any sign of foundation damage.

Inside Signs

From the inside of your home, you can already detect signs of foundation damage. Large or small cracks anywhere on your walls that are above doorways, windows, and near ceilings indicate a foundation problem.

Stuck windows and doors, as well as concrete floors with cracked vinyl or ceramic tiles, mean foundation damage.

Structural Signs

You can inspect further within your home – in your basement or any crawl space – for any signs. Posts, concrete supports, or piers have to stand straight and firm in their places. Indications otherwise mean a weak foundation.

Meanwhile, puddles or any moisture in crawl spaces can mean bad drainage around your perimeter foundation. Bad drainage can then erode your home’s foundation, leading to foundation weakness.

Outdoor Signs

When you step outside, you can take a look at your chimney, if you have one. A leaning chimney means a foundation issue. Sinking front porches and stoops also mean the same. You can also check how level your walls are, and any leaning walls mean your foundation has shifted.

Ask for Professional Inspection

Houses with any of the signs above will need foundation repair contractors to fix the problem. You can also have these contractors assess your home for any foundation damage. They can tell you for sure if your home’s foundation needs repairs.

Watch out for the signs above or have professionals check your home to have issues fixed early. You will then save yourself from the expensive costs and the unsafe conditions that come from an unstable foundation.