Carpets: Your Floor’s Safety Blanket

house carpet

house carpetThe carpet is a classic floor covering with varied advantages – from obvious added safety and noise reduction factor to scientifically proven air improvement capability. With this, get a house that’s safe and worthy of compliments.


Fifteen percent of workplace accidents are cases of slips, trips, and falls. Even in the house, family members can trip and get injuries.

Carpeted floors are slip resistant. This quality, coupled with the carpet’s natural cushion, helps reduce the impact of a fall. It may even completely prevent an accident.

Moreover, carpets add warmth underfoot. No wonder it is considered the best floor covering choice for bedrooms and family rooms.


As a good insulator, it reduces noise as well. The carpet can reduce surface noise from foot traffic, and block transmission of sound. Semi-detached homes like apartments will find this valuable.

Conceal Damage

Carpets, especially those with thicker density, can also hide floor damages due to age, improper maintenance, and flawed design. Believe it or not, it’s easy to care for carpets, with stain-resistant brands and expert carpet cleaning. Sandy residents feel assured that regardless of the spill, there’s always a way to clean it up.

Other benefits

Carpets are economical alternatives to expensive floor coverings. They are also more comfortable than hard surfaces. They come in a wide variety of colors and textures as well, giving homeowners infinite possibilities for decorating.

Lastly, carpets nowadays are durable and long lasting. All homeowners need to do is look for carpets that can last from 5 years to 30 years, or more.

Carpets remain one of the most favored floor coverings among homeowners in the US because of their versatility. With the great warranty that homeowners can get from suppliers in Sandy, and the specific cleaning methods available, keeping this floor covering clean and in good shape is easier than ever.