Can You Disavow Backlinks on Your Own?

Disavow Backlinks

Disavow BacklinksFor Google, PageRank is a crucial determinant—among the other 200 factors they take into consideration—of a page’s relevancy according to incoming links coming from other websites. Essentially, a link for a website is considered a vote for your website’s quality.

Google’s Take on Links

Google strives to make sure the actions in third party websites won’t leave a negative impact on a site because there are instances where incoming links may impact the opinion of Google concerning a website. To illustrate, you or the SEO guy you assigned may have included bad links to your website through paid links or some other link methods that led to the violation of Google’s strict policies.

To resolve this issue, you must eliminate low-quality, irrelevant, and spammy links from your site sooner rather than later. But, after trying to fix things, but failing to do so effectively, your only option is to disavow the links that you can’t take down. This means that you can request that Google don’t take these particular links into consideration when they evaluate the relevancy of your website.

Tread with Caution

Google recommends using their disavow tool for disavowing links you can’t remove via conventional methods. But, and this is a very big BUT, they also warn that the disavow tool is a very advanced feature that must only be utilized with extreme caution. The disavow tool if used improperly can possibly do more harm than good to your website’s performance in the search result of Google.

Google recommends you only disavow links if you actually have a significant amount of irrelevant, spammy, or low-quality links that point to your website and if you’re a hundred percent sure that these links are negatively affecting your ranking.

So What Can You Do?

Unless you can spend a significant amount of time cleaning up links in your website and the proper skills to actually pull off the entire operation by yourself without risking potential harm to your website, disavowing links should be left to experts offering disavow service plans. They’ll be able to clean up your website, which would allow you to focus your valuable time on your business.