Building Your Online Presence: Know Your Priorities


SEOAs of March 2015, about 55% of the small to medium enterprise sector in Australia have an online presence; in August 2014, only 44% of companies invested in developing it. This clearly shows the greater demand for digital marketing experts. With more changes on Google Panda and Penguin algorithms coming, SEO (search engine optimisation) is needed all the more.

Master everything about SEO and use certain strategies that will boost your online presence.


SEO builds your website to make it more appealing and searchable without paying Google. SEM (Search Engine Marketing), on the other hand, is simply paid publicity.

Retailers Give SEO a Go

Bambrick Media and other SEO specialists in Brisbane cater to retailers and other business people. While it is better to trust the experts, you need to start doing some SEO work on your own.

Prioritise your customers by enhancing page loading rate and not giving them too much information to read. This way, they can easily visit your site and choose products or services.

Form easy-to-understand brand names. Study well-liked categories, usual searches and on-site records that will inform you about consumer preferences in your main market.

You should focus on your business and not on your competitors. If you think you can gain a higher SERP ranking by imitating what the other company is doing, remember that SEO ranking standards constantly change.

SEO for Startups

Start by finding out the demands of your target audience through blogging. Once you have attracted clients to your site, individually address their queries one by one to establish interaction and connection. Link up with other sites to broaden your advertising schemes.

SEO helps strengthen your company’s online presence—in more ways than one.