Backyard Enhancement: Optimising the Form and Function of Fence Gates

Fence gateProperly maintained fences offer an impression of fortune and dreams achieved. On the other hand, fence gates that squeak and have off balance posts symbolise your childhood nightmares and horror movies. Instead of enhancing the beauty and value of your home, gates and fences that do not go through regular upkeep do the opposite. Even if you decide to get a temporary fence from Superfence, you have to ensure that you take good care of it.

Enhancing the Function of Fence Gates

The way you maintain, repair and replace your gate is essential when you want it to perform its intended job. If you replace it with a different type of gate, it will be a source of your problems.

A locked gate is a stable one; it does not matter what kind of material the gate is made of if you rarely use it. However, you must fit a gate to the kind of material that can support it. For instance, a metal and stone can secure an iron or heavy hardwood gate. These kinds of gates will be too heavy if you want to hold it with soft pine.

Improving the Function of Garden Gates

Garden gates, as its name suggests, are used as an entrance to your garden and are commonly shorter than other gates. Sometimes, it does not even need a material to support it for you can set it up between bushes and plants. It consists of two posts that have latches and hinges. They can keep kids and animals out of your garden. Yet, they are mostly used for decoration instead of function.

The functionality of your gate will depend on how you fix it, what material it is made of and its supporting material. If you know how to properly maintain it, it will provide you with a secure and stylish home.