A Wise Move: Making Your Move as Smooth as Possible

Moving Services Moving to a new address is never easy. Even if it’s just one day of transporting five boxes or appliances across the state, you might encounter a few problems if you don’t plan it right. Avoid the headache, broken plates, and potential inconvenience by following these easy steps.

Call a Friend

If you are moving a few cities away from Salt Lake City, it’s a good idea to ask a friend or more to help you out. Not only will they be able to lend a hand when packing your stuff or lifting all those boxes, they can also assist with planning. If you need them for anything else, such as cooking, cleaning up, and coordinating with the residential moving company of your choice, don’t forget to pay them or at least offer something as a token of appreciation.

Pack Wisely

List the most important items you have and want to take to your new address. This is your chance to develop a more organized lifestyle, so pack your things wisely. Though you can keep a few items with sentimental value, those you feel can no longer fit in your new residence can stay in your current home. Better yet, sell or donate them. You can always buy new and better items when the need arises.

Label Your Boxes Properly

This is the easiest way to pack, transfer, and distribute all your belongings without losing track of them. It can be as simple as color-coded stickers or detailed information about each box. Using plastic, semi-transparent boxes is also a great way to find your things easily. These will help you organize your belongings and speed up the unpacking process.

The more things you want to transfer, the more help you’ll need. You may have to take several trips with your residential mover, but with careful planning and coordination, a single journey would be enough. Get everything ready, packed, and labeled before the big day to ensure a smooth and successful move.