A Quirky Office Space with the Use of Whimsical Accessories

Office Space

Office SpaceOffices are usually monotonous to prevent distractions and improve efficiency. One can understand the logic behind this setup, but it does get bland at times. Boredom is the bane of any office manager who wants to keep efficiency at an optimum. So, they resort to several office-wide programs designed to excite employees and stimulate brainpower.

The problem with this kind of approach is that the thrill is short-lived. Rather than a macro approach, employers and employees should encourage individual solutions. Nothing puts an employee in an upbeat mood better than whimsy.

With that in mind, one has a theme on how to redesign their office space.

Creating a Happy Atmosphere

Much of what office workers do are for the better of the entire organisation. Nonetheless, the team are not always in the best of mood. Especially when it gets competitive, then the air becomes somewhat toxic. With the help of funny office accessories, it will be a little easier to retain a jolly atmosphere even if it is just in one corner of the workplace.

Whimsy You Can Buy

Several establishments nowadays specialise in selling alternative office items. Many of them sell things such as Facebook-inspired Like/Dislike stamps, character notecards, colourful notepads, pushpins and office stationery to NZ offices. Any of these items can brighten up a dull office desk.

Effect of a Happy Employee

Many companies consider happiness as a big factor in an employee’s life. A happy worker is a productive worker, so they say. Look at Google and how people outside perceive their company. Since their beginning in 2004, the company’s stock has always been going higher and very few employees ever give a bad assessment.

The tech company get it right when designing their offices. The words used to describe their workspaces are ‘quirky’, ‘crazy’, ‘zany’ and many more. This is the perfect example of office macro management that results to increased employee satisfaction.

It is hard to emulate Google, but it would not hurt any company to encourage individual motivation. With wacky, usable items adorning desks, there would be an improved sense of optimism in the air. That positivity goes a long way in helping a company grow and in keeping employees sunny.