A More Stylish Home: Putting the Focus on the Microelements of Home Design

living room of a house

Anyone can have the same size lot and the same number of rooms, doors, and windows as your house. Visit their home, however, and you will see that theirs will not be anything like your home. The differences are in the way each household utilises and occupies space as well as the design of each corner.

Do you pay attention to every little detail? Consider these microelements of design:

1. Doors and Knobs

The main door welcomes everyone into the house, so it should have a distinct look. For internal doors, however, your home will benefit from a little coordination.

Choose the same doors for bedrooms, and the same knobs and door jamb set. This keeps the design consistent. Feel free to let every member of the family customise their own doors — from hanging welcome messages to painting the knob a different colour.

2. Curtains

The curtains in the kitchen and the living room could be of different materials, but they must be of the same colour to make the theme more apparent.

If you want a different look for each room, however, make sure the curtains go with the colours of the counters in the kitchen, while the curtains in the living room could match the design of the couch or the ornaments.

3. Frames

Even if you have different frame sizes for wall hangings, they can still look balanced and coordinated if you use the same colour or style.

Others take a bit of time to DIY frames, painting them a colour that matches the room. The result makes the frames look more expensive. You could also arrange smaller frames around bigger frames to create a focal point or position them to be as symmetric as possible.

Buying furniture, such as a dining set or a sofa set, is easy, but don’t forget it’s the small things that make everything look more stylish.