4 Ways to Show Your Bike Some Love This Winter

Man Cleaning his Motorbike

The coming of winter is seldom welcome news among most riders. Riding on the snow is never a pleasant experience. But it is not just the rider who hates this season. Your bike does as well, especially if you are keeping it on the road. The cold, along with the slime and sand, can damage your bike.

Here is how you can take care of your bike when the cold starts to blow in:

Store It Properly

If your bike spends the night outdoors, you want to make sure that there is an overhead cover for it. A bike canopy shelter could be the ideal solution for this, particularly if your outdoor space is limited or you have a tight budget. You do not want your bike all covered up in corrosive ice when you wake up in the morning.

Clean It Regularly

This may be a tedious task, but it is probably the most affordable way to add years to your bike. Clean the rims, the cranks and gears every week to remove any grime and grease. If you ride in extreme conditions, clean your bike immediately to remove the salt and sand.

Inflate Your Tyres

Saggy tyres can get punctured easily, not to mention they make it difficult to handle your bike during winter. You may use a hand pump to inflate your tyres, although it is better to borrow a rack pump that has a pressure gauge from a local bike store to do the job efficiently. Remember to use the number on the side of your tyre that tells how much pressure you need to put in.

Keep Your Brake Pads in Good Condition

Riding around with worn out brake pads is not just absurd; it is extremely dangerous. You want to make sure you can stop whenever you want so you do not cause needless accidents when riding on skidding roads. Fortunately, brake pads are affordable and easy to maintain.

If you are an ardent biker, then you treat your bike is an essential part of your life. By taking care of it properly this winter, you can keep it in good shape no matter the weather and road conditions.