4 Smart Locations for Your CCTV Cameras

A CCTV CameraClosed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are the new frontier of home security. Their recordings help identify burglars and discourage would-be home invaders from following through with their plans.

Some CCTV cameras use high-quality video surveillance technology like Zanden Mount Lock & Key Service, so they can be quite pricey. Make the most of your investment by installing them in strategic locations around your property. Here are five such locations.

Front and Back Doors

A lot of burglars access homes through a house’s front door, so train one of your cameras towards your home’s main entrance. Position it at a second-floor level, so burglars won't be able to reach it. If your house only has one level, enclose the camera in a protective wiring to avoid damage in case the burglars try to disable or destroy it.

Back doors are also a popular access route so position one of your cameras there, as well.

Windows Away from the Street

Burglars often enter a home by breaking a window that is not in direct view from the street. While they think it will decrease the chances of being detected, your camera will be ready to catch them in the act. One of the best options when guarding multiple windows is to use a CCTV camera with remote control capabilities.


Your backyard might contain expensive garden machinery and recreational tools that burglars want to target. If your backyard has a fence, install one of the cameras by the gate’s entrance. Consider adding a camera with night-vision capabilities directed at the lawn, too.

In Plain Sight and Out of Reach

While some experts argue that you should conceal your CCTV cameras, sometimes leaving them in plain sight is enough to discourage burglars from breaking into your home. Position your camera out of reach and on a secure height, though, in case someone would try to disconnect or destroy it.

CCTV cameras can make your house safer. Maximise their use by choosing strategic locations for them.