4 Low-Cost Design Tips for Small Retail Stores

a small store

One of the challenges many small businesses encounter is not having sufficient space for all their needs. If this is an issue you are facing in your store right now, then you will be happy to know there are ways to address it without breaking your bank. Here are four of them:

Think vertically

The best way to maximise storage space is to do it on various levels. Consider getting wall shelves for that purpose, suggests containit.com.au, an industrial storage supplier. Also, you can mount drapes that reach from the ceiling all the way to the floor to create the impression of larger space.

Avoid having too many furnishings

Having a lot of furniture in your retail space can make the space feel much smaller than it actually is, so it is best to keep furnishings sparse. Make sure that the items you pick also suit the room. For instance, it may be much wiser to pick chairs rather than sofas.

Paint an accent wall

Opt to paint one of your walls a bold colour to make the room feel bigger. The bold colour instantly creates an illusion of receding space, which automatically achieves the effect of making your space look bigger. Plus, painting is a great way to spice up the entire room.

Avoid clutter

Any unnecessary items in your retail space must be cleared to create space for new items. Use neutral colours to avoid a cluttered appearance. You can brighten up the space by using smaller, coloured items. Just make sure they are not too many to avoid making the room look crowded.

Do not let the small size of your retail space come in the way of your goals as a business. Rather, make the most of the space by adopting a strategic design for it and organising your merchandise smartly.