3 Ways to Stay Ahead in the IT Field

Information Technology Expert

The IT field is one of the most lucrative career paths anyone can take. It is also a highly competitive and rapidly evolving field, however, and to stay ahead of the pack is critical to success.

Fortunately, there are many sources from CertBlaster available to you to do just that. From a CompTIA Security+ practice test to educational videos on YouTube, here are the best ways that you can keep yourself constantly up to date and relevant in this extremely popular field.


One of the simplest ways to stay ahead when it comes to IT is to follow the trends and growth of the industry. With the accessibility of information on the web today, this isn’t so hard to do with even the most basic internet connectivity.

One of the best, most easily accessible resources on the internet is YouTube. Apart from official channels providing credible updates, you also have popular YouTubers adding their own takes too.


The next step is to go for CompTIA certification. This is one of the most trusted bodies in the industry, and their certification means that you’re updated and capable in terms of relevant software and hardware.

It’s a tough test, so things such as a CompTIA Security+ practice test go a long way toward helping you achieve it. It’s worthwhile, though, as the industry and big companies recognize the relevance of having this certification.


Finally, it helps to have a range of experience in a wider range of fields when it comes to IT. Needs change and evolve, and staying ahead of the pack is all about putting yourself out there.

One great way to do this is to gain an interest in other related fields within your workplace. Be curious, be interested. All of this will help you to be necessarily open in order to grow.

Apply these three things, and you can be sure that you are ahead of other professionals in your field.