3 Suzuki Cars that Became Popular in the Media

suzuki car

suzuki carSuzuki cars are primarily marketed as an economical choice. This is why there are a number of people who are big fans of the car maker.

That is also why Suzuki wreckers in Perth like JTWAutoparts.com.au are in business. The Japanese car brand, however, also produces top calibre vehicles.

Here are some of the popular Suzuki vehicles:

The Dancing Suzukis

Cars run on roads, so nothing could have prepared viewers in seeing an advertisement with dancing Suzukis. The ad project tied up with the Dancing on Ice finals. It featured two Suzuki SX 4 S-Cross that displayed their dance moves on the ice.

At the end, the ad revealed the cars’ drivers as figure skaters Dean and Torville. The production crew installed studded tyres for each car to make the performance possible. The special tyres from Finland allowed the vehicles to move well while on the slippery ice surface.

The Scene-Stealing Suzuki

Breaking Bad fans looked forward to “Better Call Saul” and its broadcasting date. Aside from the stars, viewers saw Jimmy McGill’s scene-stealing vehicle. Unlike other vehicles on television shows, however, this Suzuki Esteem didn’t look as good as other TV show cars. Using the ‘98 Esteem required a lot of research from the production crew as only a few individuals drove this model. Seeing the vehicle used on the show drew a lot of comments from the car model’s fans.

The Most Expensive Car in a Country

Many people like Suzuki because it seems to appeal well to the general consumer in terms of price. Nevertheless, Suzuki launched Kizashi, one of the most luxurious cars from the brand. According to resources, it was the most expensive vehicle recently launched in Pakistan. It comes with luxurious features such as climate control. It also has exteriors that convey opulence.

Although synonymous with affordability, Suzuki nevertheless has made its mark on the media landscape. If you find yourself in need of parts for customisation or for repairs, remember to contact quality parts dealers.