3 Signs You Need to Lose Weight

Whilst there is no assured way to assess your body weight without a doctor, it is possible to get an idea of how healthy or unhealthy you are by measuring your body mass index. A natural body mass index ranges from 18.5-24.9.

Therefore, if your BMI is beyond 24.9, and you show some of the following symptoms, visit one of the weight loss clinics in Singapore for a comprehensive assessment and weight loss program.

You wake up groggy in the morning, and your snoring can wake the dead

If you wake everyone in your neighbourhood with your snoring, or you rarely get a good night’s sleep, then you may be suffering from sleep apnoea. This condition causes irregular breathing that disrupts your sleep. The irregular breathing is due to excess body fat stored around the neck narrowing the airway, resulting in pauses in breathing or shallow breathing.

You are tired all the time

Excess body fat causes internal inflammation, leading you to a perpetual state of fatigue. As such, if you realise that your BMI is a little too high and a simple task such as shopping for groceries exhausts you, your extra weight could be the problem. Losing weight reduces the fat; hence, relaxing your muscles and relieving your body of tiredness.

High cholesterol or high blood pressure

Other than being hereditary, high blood pressure can likewise be brought about by excess weight. It is, therefore, advisable to maintain a lean body to keep the illnesses at bay. In addition, if you already have the disease, regular exercise helps control the effects without having to use medication. That makes exercising a cheaper, affordable and more sustainable way of staying healthy.

If you think you need to lose weight for your health, ensure that you get a second opinion from a weight loss professional. This way, you will get realistic tweaks to your lifestyle and diet to promote healthy and steady weight loss.