3 Practical Tips for Achieving Strong Concrete Structures

Workers at a construction site

The strength of any concrete structure is dependent on the attention it receives both during and after its erection. During construction, it is essential to ensure that all essential factors such as the composition of its concrete mixture and the use of waterstops are taken to account.

1. Preventing Water Ingress

Water ingress often occurs when a concrete structure has concrete joints. In such situations, water tends to infiltrate the joints resulting in weakened concrete. To mitigate that, constructors are encouraged to utilise waterstops for concrete structures.

The waterstops actively prevent the passage of water or any other fluid into the below-grade concrete. The result is strong concrete structures capable of withstanding the test of time. Otherwise, it is likely that a building may begin to develop cracks.

2. Preventing Water Damage

Water damage has been known to weaken concrete structures, especially foundations. It occurs when a considerably large amount of water comes into contact with a concrete slab. The water raises the slab’s moisture content beyond the desired level. The result is the cracking and crumbling of the foundation.

Homeowners are advised to actively look for any signs of water damage in their homes. It often results from faulty gutters that allow water to splash onto the walls or from leaking water pipes. All such faults should receive immediate attention.

3. Concrete Treatment

Concrete treatment involves conditioning a concrete structure or slab with the intention of influencing its moisture content to the desired level. Part of the process includes exposing the concrete to controlled temperature levels to trigger water loss. Different structures may be exposed to different treatment methods. The desired moisture content will depend on the desired strength to be achieved.

Generally, concrete structures are erected with the intention that they will last a lifetime. However, their durability is dependent on the measures that are taken to guarantee their strength. Strong concrete structures last long.