3 Perks of Being an Accountant

Accountant working

Are you considering a career in accounting? If you do, you will find that there are more perks to being an accountant than you know. Here are some of them. Keep these in mind if you are currently searching for trainee accountant jobs in Dublin offered by reputable recruitment firms such as barden.ie.

You can enjoy high job security

Accounting jobs are one of those career options open to new graduates with potential for a high salary in the next few years. Think about it, every business needs the help of an accountant and look at how the start-up business culture is thriving!

There are now many newbie entrepreneurs opening their own business and building their own brands instead of joining the corporate workforce. The more entrepreneurs begin their own business, the higher the need for accountants.

You enjoy a potential for higher earnings and professional growth

And with the demand and high salary also comes a lot of benefits in the form of good pensions and vacation times. Based on a 2016 survey from the BLS, the average yearly salary of an accountant is $68,150.

But what is good to know is that the average annual salary of the top 10 percent of experienced accountants is more than $120,000. There is also a clear career path for aspiring accountants, and you can take further studies and get certifications to increase your earning potentials.

You enjoy a good professional network

If you choose to join the corporate workforce as an accountant for a big firm, you can work side by side with top executives. If you opt to be a freelance accountant and work with new and seasoned business owners, you can also work great personalities.

Both paths allow you to create a strong network of mentors and colleagues. And if you decide to open your own business, you can benefit from the entrepreneurial potential of being an accountant.

There is more to being an accountant than just knowing your way around the numbers. Keep these perks in mind and enjoy the great advantages of being an accountant.