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The Comeback: Re-entering Your Home after a Calamity

flooded homeThe forces of nature are difficult to deal with and natural calamities can leave you empty-handed. Regardless of the structure of your home, you can’t be sure if it’s safe from flood or hurricanes. Sometimes, you have to get lucky. In case your house does survive, by a stroke of good fortune, you have a lot of work to do to make it ideal for living once again. Here are some suggestions by water damage repair experts like that you need to do when going back to your home:

Perform an Initial Check

By standing at the doorstep, you can determine if there are hazards in your home. Don’t go inside if you smell gas or any leaking fuel, such as gasoline, kerosene, or liquid propane (LP). If the electricity isn’t working, don’t use candles or oil lamps when entering because these can cause an explosion. Use a flashlight or better yet, wait for a professional to confirm the condition of your home.
Check if there are electrical hazards before entering your home. Any kind of appliance, or wiring, outlet, switch, and power cord, shouldn’t be standing in water. This exposes you to the danger of electric shock.

Dry Out Your Interiors

It’s possible to save your household items if these haven’t been wet for two days or more. Remove standing water by using a wet vacuum, hand bilge pump, or sump pump. Fix the roof and gutters immediately to prevent more water from entering. Use dehumidifiers to save the house from extreme humidity. Dry out your home faster by using a heavy-duty fan and opening the windows when it’s not raining or too humid outside.

Hire a professional to check the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, so you’re sure that there’s no mold or mildew infestation in the ducts. This way, you can prevent these from spreading throughout your home.

Going back to your home after a natural calamity is part of your own recovery and coping mechanism, but you have to be sure that there are no risks involved. Before cleaning the interiors, it’s best to evaluate its condition with the help of a professional to avoid further damage.

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Business Expansion: Opening a Branch Office in the Philippines

company registrationAsia is a land of limitless possibilities for the business-minded. If you’re planning to expand your business to this region, particularly to the Philippines, there are different business organizations you are allowed to use. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the government agency that guarantees partnerships and corporates a license to operate. Upon finishing the requirements, you can start operations without worrying about lawsuits and other legal concerns.

Company registration in the Philippines for foreign companies involves making your operations legal through a branch office category. Here are some things you need to know about the process:

Starting a Local Branch Office

Branch offices need to assign a resident agent who will be responsible for managing its operations. They’ll also be the point of contact in case legal issues arise. If the resident agent is not a Filipino citizen, they should have a Philippine visa and must stay in the country for at least a year.

You’ll also need to have a minimum capital of 200,000 USD in your bank account. If your operations use advanced technology and have more than 50 employees, you need to secure at least 100,000 USD.

The Application Procedure

Foreign companies that would like to establish a branch office in the Philippines should follow the application procedure and submit the requirements to SEC:

1. SEC Form No. F-103
2. Name Verification Slip
3. Authenticated copy of the Board Resolution, which authorizes the establishment of your branch office in the country
4. Financial statements of the previous year, which needs certification by an independent Certified Public Accountant (CPA) from your country and authentication before the Philippine Consulate
5. An authenticated copy of the Articles of Incorporation – translated to English if in foreign language
6. Proof of Inward Remittance, like bank certificates or Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC)
7. Resident Agent’s acceptance of appointment– if the signatory is not the resident agent
8. A signed affidavit of the resident agent, stating the foreign company is solvent and is in good financial condition

These are only some of the things you need to know before setting up a branch office in the Philippines. Look for businesses offering registration assistance or contact the SEC for more information.

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Battling Dementia: Study Shows A Third Of Alzheimer’s Preventable

constant-dementiaScientists at the University of Cambridge found that one in three Alzheimer’s cases worldwide, most common form of dementia, are potentially preventable.

Impact of lifestyle factors

The study shows the disease is linked to certain risk facts that can be modified. This includes depression, smoking, lack of education, and physical inactivity.

“As there is still no certain way to prevent Alzheimer’s, research must continue to build the strongest evidence around health and environmental factors to help individuals reduce their risk,” said Dr Simon Ridley, head of research at Alzheimer’s Research UK.

The researchers discovered that by reducing each risk factor by at least 10%, almost nine million cases could be prevented by 2050.

‘New treatment research’

Alzheimer’s triggers problems with memory and behavior. This is not part of the aging process, as symptoms develop slowly and get worse over time.

“This new study also highlights that many cases are not due to modifiable risk factors which underlines the need to drive investment into new treatment research,” Dr Ridley explained.

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Designer Advice: Criteria for Judging the Aesthetics of a Web Design

web designingDesign may be one of the most important elements of building a website, but many designers tend to overlook a lot of elements that ensure the beauty and functionality of a project. Very few designers understand that web design is more than just picking the right color palettes and incorporating typographical elements. To make sure that the web design meets goals of the enterprise, those working on it should use some criteria when judging its aesthetics and purpose. These are the elements that even seasoned providers of web design San Diego businesses trust will certainly agree on.

Personal Preferences

Generally, aesthetic preferences are always subjective. The subjectivity of a designer’s preferences, however, depends on a number of factors: familiarity to certain patterns, belief in an existing design canon, and of course, the designer’s search for novel and fresh ideas. These are the factors that separate professional designers from amateurs and laymen.


The beauty of web design also lies in its complexity. Don’t get this wrong, though. This doesn’t mean that the more complex something is, the more beautiful it gets. It may sound ironic, but the complexity of the design, with regard to modern standards, lies in how minimalist it is.


Steve Jobs once said that design is not just about how it looks, but also about how it works. Web design should be functional, and by that it means that the UI should be as neat as possible so users can get from point A to point B. It should be flexible, meaning it should work across different platforms and browsers.

Technical Metrics

Good design is measurable. There are a few metrics that may tell you that the web design has met your enterprise goals. Among them are page views, the number of sign-ups, products sold, and the sources of traffic. Metrics, however, will vary depending on your goals.

Web design is never easy. It’s not always about HTML and CSS. It’s also about looking into the experience of the designer and, most of all, of the end users.

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When Complaints Become “Social:” Dealing with Upset Customers on Social Media

social mediaBusinesses that target audiences in larger states like North Dakota or Montana usually resort to social media marketing in conjunction with their online promotion efforts. This is a practical solution, as everything posted on your social media platform of choice can be easily seen and shared. Despite the benefits, social media also has its drawbacks –the most significant being how upset customers can easily leave disparaging and critical remarks about business. What makes this a disadvantage is that practically everyone on the web can see these comments, which in turn, may damage a reputation.

Dealing with these types of customers is not as easy as deleting their comments or banning them from the page. You should have a definite action that will benefit both parties. Below are some tips to help you out with this problem. You may also seek the services of a reliable company specializing in social media marketing North Dakota.


No matter how impossible the customer’s problem is, it’s important to acknowledge the post and respond. You’ll only enrage the customer more if you don’t provide any help, but maintain a regular posting schedule. Moreover, you’ll give other followers the impression that you’re passive and nonchalant. Use a friendly yet authoritative tone when answering and apologize if necessary.

Don’t Delete Negative Comments

Some social media marketers decide to delete negative comments, only to have it backfire, especially if a lot of people have already seen the comment. It will only make people think that you’re covering something up or don’t have any intentions of addressing the issue. Again, respond calmly and avoid deleting negative remarks. There’s one exception, though, and that’s when the commenter takes it to another level by making racist or politically incorrect remarks, or comments that facilitate hostility and unhealthy arguments.

Discuss the Matter in Private

If the matter is too sensitive to discuss publicly, don’t hesitate to ask angry customers to consider another avenue for the resolution of their problem. You may initiate a correspondence through e-mail or direct message, or offer special advice that will compensate for the trouble they have experienced.

The point is to find a way to make it right if that is what’s necessary. Assume a neutral tone whenever you speak and don’t get into needless arguments.

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Be Good at Lease(t): How to Be a Successful Landlord

property managersThere are about 10 million landlords in the United States—and many people believe most of them are absolutely terrible. Being a terrible landlord doesn’t necessarily refer to the way you treat your tenants, although that is a major problem as well. It’s also about the way you run the business.

Being a successful landlord is the key to getting the best tenants and keeping the property well maintained. Here are some tips:

Screen the Tenants

Perhaps the biggest mistake landlords make is letting in the wrong person. Never make the mistake of skipping the screening process. Always perform a comprehensive check of potential tenants.

Overlooking this step can lead to significant financial risks, including late rents, costly repairs, trashed properties, and countless headaches along the way. It is also a good thing to hire a team of reliable property managers to assist you in finding the right tenants.

Respect Your Tenants

Respecting your tenants does not mean you have to like them. You just have to be professional by not allowing personal issues to get in the way of the business relationship. All you have to do is treat them right and fair, and see them as your equal.

It is also important to respect their privacy. Owning the property doesn’t mean you have all the right to go in whenever you like. Some states even have laws that only allow landlords to enter the rental property for certain specific reasons.

Listening to and Acting on Concerns

When your tenant calls you because of complaints or concerns, do your best to respond to them. When they call you because of a nosy neighbor, do something about it. If the tenant calls for repairs, make some time to inspect the damage and have it repaired.

Extra security measures, such as CCTV cameras and the like, are good investments so you can prevent break-ins and other unpleasant incidents.

Sure, being a landlord requires a lot of work, but if you follow the tips above, it can be a rewarding and profitable experience.

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Life-Saving Program: India to Provide Free Vaccines for Children

child-vaccineThe Indian government has announced its plans to provide four free vaccines against life threatening diseases in an attempt to decrease child mortality.

Immunization program

The new vaccines will help fight rotavirus, rubella, polio, and Japanese Encephalitis.

“The introduction of four new life-saving vaccines will play a key role in reducing childhood and infant mortality and morbidity in the country,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a statement.

“Many of these vaccines are already available through private practitioners to those who can afford them. The government will now ensure that the benefits of vaccination reach all sections of society, regardless of social and economic status.”

Battle with deadly diseases 

The recommendations to introduce new vaccines have been made after numerous studies and comprehensive deliberations.

Diarrhea caused by rotavirus kills around 80,000 children every year and causes millions of hospitalizations, which adds an economic burden to the country.

Encephalitis, on the other hand, kills hundreds of children annually.

To ensure India keeps its polio-free status, it will provide injectable polio vaccine.

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Matching Functionality and Need: Finishing Touches for each Room in the House

residential painterMany homeowners tend to overlook the functionality of paint sheens, neglecting their needs for the sake of aesthetics and design. You can, however, consult your professional painter if they can combine the aesthetics and functionality when repainting your house.

To match the functionality of the paint with your specific needs, here is a quick guide to applying the finishing touches:

A Glossy Finish for Kitchen Areas and other residential painters in Perth recommend applying a high gloss or semi-gloss finish for durable and easy to clean kitchen walls. They explain that high-gloss paint is hard, ultra-shiny and light-reflecting, making it a good choice for an area that closely works with sticky fingers, oily cooking equipment and appliance. A semi-gloss finish is ideal for rooms where moisture, drips and grease stains challenge walls.

An Eggshell Sheen for Dining Rooms

An eggshell sheen is in between a satin and flat finishes. Like a chicken’s egg, it contains little luster, covering wall imperfections. It is good for covering spaces that do not get a lot of bumps and scuffs. You can choose to apply this finishing touch in dining and living rooms.

Satin Finish For Family Rooms

Family rooms, foyers, hallways and kid’s bedrooms are the high-traffic areas in your house, so it is important to keep them squeaky clean. You can ask your painter to apply a velvety luster finish, the satin sheen, which is low-maintenance and perfect for your family rooms and hallways.

When the time comes that you need a do-it-yourself (DIY) repainting, make sure to apply it neatly as it can reveal application flaws, such as roller and brush strokes.

Matte Finish For Bedrooms

For your bedroom, gear up with your painting tools for a flat and matte finish. This variation of finishing touches soaks up instead of reflects light. It can provide the most coverage, giving you more time for doing other things, and adding to your savings. Keep in mind that it is tough to clean without taking paint off with the grime, so you should only apply it in adults’ bedrooms, and other interior rooms that would not be roughed up by little kids.

Taking some time to know where to apply specific finishing touches can save you money, and buy you more time to spend with your family or other activities you love. Make sure to balance your desire for stylish interiors and functionality.

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The Facts and Myths of Teeth Whitening

teeth whiteningThe types of food that people eat today and the overall effects of aging has made tooth discoloration inevitable. A majority of people oftentimes partakes tooth-staining substances such as coffee, colas, teas, and tobacco. That does not mean,however, that the problem has to remain forever.

Clinics that offer teeth whitening services in Pretoria like note that the procedures are a viable option for countering discoloration of teeth and gaining whiter teeth. Factors to be considered include the thickness of enamel, sensitivity, tooth decay, along with other such oral health conditions.

Here are some facts surrounding teeth whitening that most patients may not be aware of:

Whitening and cleaning are not the same

Dirt has a way of accumulating over time, which regular brushing can eliminate. While whitening toothpastes do indeed help, they are mostly superficial,as they do not have enough to whiten significantly. Whitening is a cosmetic procedure meant to remove unsightly stains and return teeth to their natural shade.

Teeth whitening is safe

Be sure to seek your dentist’s advice. They are professionals trained to make an accurate assessment of your overall oral health condition.

Be wary of home teeth whitening options, however. While over-the-counter kits for teeth whitening are available, these might not always be a safe option. Always have a safety first mindset. Beware of overdoing the whitening process. More is not always better. Always be on the safe side and consult your dentist first.

Post whitening care is a necessity

Avoid consuming staining food at all costs after undergoing teeth whitening procedures. Patients should avoid taking stain-causing food and beverages such as coffee and tea. Do not smoke as well after undergoing any dental procedure.

Though there are natural teeth whitening procedures that exist, they often lack the effectiveness or simply take too much time to yield the desired results. If you want to flash the brightest smile, then teeth whitening is right for you, but be sure to consult your dentist first.

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Four Simple Ways to Keep Your Clients Happy

conducting reliable seo strategyKeeping your clients happy is an integral part of growing your business. Happy customers will refer you to their friends, build your reputation, and of course, buy from you again. Information travels instantly in today’s digital age, and your customers will either rave or rant about you in real time. Here are four simple, but effective ways to make your customers happier.

1. Quote honestly and clearly – Give all clients a written quote detailing exactly what products or services you will provide, by when, and all fees. Avoid exaggerating what you can do, and don’t be afraid to say when you think you can’t meet their expectations. They will appreciate the honesty, and losing a sale is better than completely losing a client.

2. Offer additional services they need – After all, your customers would prefer to get all related services and products from one provider they trust, rather than from multiple companies which could be hard to keep track of. When done well, this will not only make your clients happier, but presents an opportunity for additional revenue.

One example of this is SEO reselling services like They work with companies like web designers and programmers, who then get to offer SEO services to their clients without any extra effort.

3. Over deliver – Consistently excellent service, combined with occasional over delivering, can create very loyal customers. It’s important to know when you’re being taken advantage of, but taking care of your best clients above what they would expect can have superb results.

A good example of this was what Morton’s Steakhouse did: they read an offhand joke from one of their best customers asking them to meet him at the airport with a porterhouse steak in two hours, and they actually did it. The customer was thrilled, and the stunt immediately went viral.

The company already had a reputation for their customer service, and the moment this happened, many of their loyal customers shared their own happy experiences, exponentially amplifying the benefits of this event.

4. Make introductions – Is your client working on a new project or learning about a new topic? Think of someone you know who can help them, and introduce your client. They will be grateful, and will be impressed by your network. This is an easy yet highly effective way to build your image as an expert and professional.

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