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Fire Extinguisher Care and Maintenance: Making Sure You’re Prepared for Emergencies

fire extinguisherMany people don’t think about their fire extinguishers until they need it. While these equipment help put out small fires, they won’t be useful if you don’t keep them in good condition. When you buy fire extinguishers, take time to learn the proper way to care and maintain them.

Types of Fire Extinguishers

They may look the same, but fire extinguishers have different classes and types, which depend on the chemicals they contain and combustibles they can put out. You can choose from four main kinds: CO2, Dry Chemical, Halon, and Water Extinguishers.

Class A Extinguishers can put out fires caused by ordinary materials, such as paper and wood. Class B Extinguishers are for flammable liquids, particularly, oil, gasoline, and grease. For electrically energized fire, experts recommend using a Class C Extinguisher. Class D units are for flammable metals, while Class K is for fats and cooking oils, which are common causes of kitchen fires.


Check your extinguisher regularly for signs of physical damage, such as dents, corrosion, and other age-related factors. The United States Fire Administration recommends looking for any debris or bugs in the unit’s nozzle or hose. Depending on the damage, you may need a professional repair for your unit or find a fire extinguisher replacement for sale.

When inspecting the extinguisher, make sure the pull pin is still in place and the tamper seal is not broken. Furthermore, verify that the unit’s pressure is within the operating range.


Experts advise performing maintenance procedures on fire extinguishers at regular intervals, at least once a year. These procedures include careful inspection, recharging, and repair or replacement of the unit. Shake dry chemical extinguishers once a month to prevent the powder from packing or settling.

Fires can happen any time. Be prepared for emergencies by making sure your fire extinguishers are working properly.

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Synthetic, Artistic: Polyester Fashion

fashionFor fashion purists and the old guard, wearing polyester is a sin. Of course, this pertains to the circa 1970s kind of polyester, with fabric that is all itchy and uncomfortable. But it’s about time that people let go of this belief. Technology has made it possible to take man-made fibres – including polyester – to the next level and make them comfortable, easy-to-wear, and fashionable.

Fashion experts, in fact, consider polyester a great material for exploring new areas in the field. Recent high fashion collections from all over the world show an increasing amount of polyester over traditional fabrics like wool and cotton.

A strong material

What makes polyester ideal for today’s fashion is its innate strength. Every fibre is durable enough to retain its boutique-like vibe even after you wash it a dozen times or so. Unlike cotton, polyester doesn’t shrink over time. This is even a good choice when you travel often, as polyester doesn’t wrinkle inside suitcases.

An eco-friendly textile

Some say that polyester is bad for the environment because it is artificial fabric, but it has almost the same environmental impact as cotton. As a matter of fact, when polyester enters mass production, it can even topple cotton in terms of eco-friendliness. Whilst polyester uses man-made technology, cotton depends greatly on pesticides and uses nearly the same amount of energy and water to become the fabric we use on a daily basis.

A colour-friendly fabric

Beyond its inherent durability, perhaps the strongest suit of polyester is the way it absorbs colour. Compared to cotton and other fabrics, polyester stands out when it comes to creating fashion designs that have vivid colours and bold prints. says first-rate sublimation printing suppliers use polyester for all their fabrics, mainly because of its absorbency when it comes to dye colour. With polyester, every design can have radiant tones and bright hues.

Whilst polyester has had a bad reputation in the past, the fabric is now far from that condition. With the way technology changes the world, it did the same for the artificial fabric. Now, polyester is no longer the itchy alternative to cotton, but rather the synthetic and artistic choice for modern fashion.

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The Joint Conundrum

recogen for wellnessJoints are the virtual conundrum of the human body. They make up such a small part of the body, but play a large role in supporting the entire thing. The strongest and most athletic people on Earth had their careers cut short through joint injuries. Knees, shoulders, and elbows are the most common weak points for people with active lifestyles.

What Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger?

Joint injuries are inevitable because there is no way to make them stronger. The best that athletes can do is maintenance, and hope their bodies can keep it together long enough to do what they need to do. That is not such a great option for people who depend on their bodies to make a living. These are people who like having control, and if they cannot even control their bodies, there is nothing left.

There are many ways to keep the likeliness of joint pains and injuries to a minimum. One such method is taking prescribed medication products such as recogen, aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen. Some natural-minded athletes may go for rehab exercises instead. These exercises do not necessarily make the joints stronger because they just make joints healthy again after an injury. If a person’s joints are functioning normally, the exercises will have little effect.

Make the Medicine Go Down

Athletes are not the only people afflicted with joint pains; senior citizens have to face that reality everyday. They do not have extensive support systems to help them get through it, though. For seniors, medication is the only way out of constant pain.

The problem with joint pain is that it is so common that nobody thinks it is a big deal. It is not an injury, but a natural part of growing old. But, as most seniors will readily say, it is not the pain that is hard; it is the fact that it never goes away.

Most people ignore their joints when their entire body structure literally depends on them. So many resources are devoted to other projects that do not have as big an impact as joints. There needs to be more research on how to alleviate joint pain, because everyone is going to need it.

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Eyelid Surgery for Medical Reasons

eyelid surgeryMany people believe that cosmetic surgery only improves the appearance. Little do they know that it can also help them with different medical issues. Eyelid surgery, for instance, is well known for improving the appearance of the eyes. Many see it as a way to boost their self-confidence, but there are doctors who recommend it to patients because they seriously need it for reasons other than aesthetics.

Why Eyelid Surgery Is Beneficial?

The upper eyelid hangs about two millimeters above the pupil. If it hangs beyond that, it affects your appearance and your ability to see. Rosenblum Plastic Surgery notes that such eye problems aren’t life threatening and are typically part of getting old, but the lack of proper vision can affect your quality of life.

How Can You Tell If It’s for Medical Purposes?

An ophthalmologist will perform a comprehensive eye examination to know your condition. Some insurance companies like Medicare pay for such procedures, so you might or might not pay for it. All they need are photographs and visual field tests to prove that your surgery is medically necessary.

How Drooping Eyelids Affect You?

  1. An impaired vision makes it difficult to read or interpret visuals. It limits your field of vision, and you might need to tilt your head slightly just to see clearly. This could give you another problem—neck pains or stiff neck, especially when you have to tilt your head often.
  2. Drooping eyelids don’t only make you look old, it makes you look tired and sleepy. Even if you’re widely awake, people will likely ask if you had enough sleep. In some cases, your resting face could make you look like you’re in a bad mood.
  3. Any obstruction around the eye impairs peripheral vision. It can make you less attentive of your surroundings, which could put you at risk. For instance, you might get into an accident while driving.

Eyelid surgery isn’t only for beauty. It can help you see clearly, so you can perform tasks better, safer, and more comfortably. If you notice drooping in your eyelids, seek an eye doctor or surgeon immediately for an evaluation.

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Why Spending the Weekend for a Spa Treatment is Hip

spaPeople work hard every day for a better life. Studies show, however, that a person is more prone to health risks and mental illnesses if they work too much. There are different ways to de-stress, according to scientific studies. Giving yourself a break can help revitalise the body and relieve yourself from stress.

Why should You Go to the Spa?

One of the most relaxing ways to ultimately clear your mind is a spa experience. De-stressing from the harsh effects of too much work is a basic function of any spa. Whether you choose a massage, water, or steam, you will feel that freshness and energy flowing in your body.

Here are some of the reasons more people should try spas in their Perth homes or in wellness centres:

  • Detoxify your body (detox wrap, detoxifying facial, hammam, detox diet).
  • Help reduce blood pressure, improve the circulation and breathing for a better health.
  • Get rid of body pains, signs of arthritis, fibromyalgia, and muscle tension.
  • Hold off the aging process by rejuvenating the body, mind and skin to look your best.
  • Prevents health issues in the future (relaxation is better than surgery).
  • Learn how to treat your body correctly.

Spas don’t just provide health benefits; it allows you to spend some quality time with your loved ones as well. Massage centres usually offer private couple rooms, so you and your partner can have a relaxing moment together. Water spas, on other hand, provide a fun and relaxing experience for you and your kids.

“Did You Know?”

  • Drinking water can help flush out the body toxins released from the muscles during detoxification and reduce soreness after massage.
  • Thalasso theraphy, a variation of a spa service, is a treatment that uses sea water and marine products as marine minerals are believed to be relaxing and healing.
  • Tanning beds are the spa service most doctors don’t approve of, as the healthy-looking glow is a sign of skin damage.

Take a break with your loved ones during the weekend and enjoy the benefits of a spa. Switch off your gadgets, leave your work in the office, and revitalise yourself. Make sure that when you get back, you’ll be more energised and efficient.

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Look Up: Dealing with Asbestos in Roofing Materials

old roofIn the past, many homebuilders used asbestos cement sheeting for the production of roofing materials to strengthen and make roofs more durable. Houses built before the 1970s are likely to still have them today. If you do not know how old your house is, it is time to check before starting any construction to the roof.

How Will You Know If the Roof Has Asbestos?

Asbestos is a generic name for the mineral fibres found on cement products. Although it is difficult to identify, you might want to check if there are white chalk dust-like particles on the surface of your roof. Do not touch them, though; collect samples, while wearing protective clothing and then submit these to a laboratory for analysis. If your roofing materials – felt, flashing, and shingles – are made of asphalt or cement, there is a high possibility that these have asbestos content.

Do You Need to Remove Asbestos Right Away Upon Identifying It?

Asbestos on roofing materials is not a health hazard when left alone. It only becomes dangerous when you disturb them, like repairing the gutters or replacing missing shingles without professional help. Inhaling asbestos fibres could lead to mesothelioma, malignant lung cancer, or a type of pneumoconiosis called asbestosis, as noted by PRC Building Services. While it is true that do-it-yourself projects help save money, you could be spending more in case you suffer from such illnesses.

How Should You Remove Asbestos from Your Roof?

There are no specific regulations about asbestos removal, though it is advisable to hire an expert. They have the necessary equipment, such as industrial vacuums and filters, which can suck 98% particles caused by asbestos. This way, you can be sure that no hazardous material will lurk on the exteriors of your home.

Asbestos is a risk that you should solve immediately. Do not be hasty, though; it is best to know what to do in the situation to prevent it from spreading.

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Beyond Google: Why Other Search Engines are also Important

For companies that are keen on developing a strong online presence, search engine optimisation is not optional. While ‘search engine’ is a collective term for dozens, or even hundreds of others, the first site that comes to mind is Google, with Yahoo and Bing coming as a distant second.


This now begs the question: is it important to optimise for these other sites or just stick to requesting for Google marketing services?

The easy answer would be to optimise your online channels to rank at the top of these search engines. Given the difference between these engines, however, you might encounter contradictory techniques to rank on one or the other. For most people, the solution is simple. Do whatever it takes to make Google happy. Of course, this is not a universal solution.

A fair amount of market research still needs to be done. Google may have the majority, but certain places may prefer one engine over the other. This is especially crucial for small businesses employing local SEO techniques. To optimise your website for Google when Bing is the most popular engine in your area limits you from reaping the maximum profits of this technique.

While you can concentrate your efforts on marketing strategies to rank on a specific search engine, authentic and excellent content remains the most important strategy of all. Only high quality content will keep visitors on your website, hopefully long enough to retain your services or purchase your product.

All optimisation efforts should revolve around the visitors and to make them happy. Optimising for search engines, even Google, should only be secondary to the satisfaction of your future patrons.

Successful marketing strategies always involve a well-rounded scheme. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, as they say. If you’re going to invest in SEO, invest in other methods of advertisement and PR as well.

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5 Conveniences to Look for When Choosing a Storage Service Provider

storageChoosing a storage service provider is easy if you know where to start and what you should look for. You need to have set guidelines that will guide you throughout the process. Here are some of the top conveniences to look for when searching for the right storage company:

24/7 Access to Your Belongings

It’s necessary to have unlimited access to your belongings. You can get anything from your storage unit anytime you want. Providing 24/7 access is what separates a storage company from its competitors. Make a list of all the service providers in your area and narrow down your choices by crossing out those who do not offer 7- day access.

Add and Remove Goods at No Extra Cost

You may want to add or remove items whenever the need arises. The thought of paying additional fees, however, makes you reluctant to do so. To avoid this inconvenience, go for a company that allows customers to add or remove goods at no extra cost. This will save you more money and let you get the most of your storage unit.

Day and Night Security

As a customer, you want to ensure the safety of all the items you keep in Perth storage units. Ask the service provider if they have security guards monitoring the facility. Knowing that the company has surveillance cameras strategically placed throughout the area will give you peace of mind. You can be sure that your belongings are safe from burglars. Some firms employ pest and flood control management as well to keep your items free from damage.

Insured Storage

You may want to have your valuables insured for added convenience. While some companies do not offer insurance coverage, you may ask them how to get one. Make sure you understand everything stated in the insurance policy to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding.

Total Convenience

You can choose the size of your storage space depending on the number of items you want to store. Most firms have units of up to 50 cubic metres. That’s a lot of space for your documents, furniture, cookware, and other personal belongings.

You can’t go wrong when you know what you want and need. Go find the right storage company so you can store your items and make your home more spacious and organised.

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Meet These Healthy Meats

halthy meatThe healthiest amount of meat consumption for a person is just three meals a week. For meat lovers (which means most people), this is simply impossible. How can you have a healthy diet and eat meat at the same time?

When you’ve got a butcher like MeatCart offering controlled portions and low fat meat products at the correct weight, half the job has been done for you. For those not so fortunate to have a personal butcher, choosing the healthiest meats can be just as helpful.

Instead of heading straight to the beef section, these alternatives can be just as tasty but a lot healthier:

  • Bison – bison is red meat but it’s actually healthier than beef because it has less fat. They’re also grass fed which make them all the healthier.
  • Pork – your doctor may not prescribe an all-pork diet but it’s a good alternative to red meat. Just make sure you manage the quantity well.
  • Chicken– chicken is low fat and tasty depending on the recipe. Of course, to keep its health value, avoid deep-frying and frying the skin to a crisp even if it’s more delicious that way.
  • Turkey– white meat is good for you and turkey has a lot of it, plus it’s a lot more flavourful than chicken
  • Fish – fish are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. These elements decrease the rate of heart disease.

While nothing will ever taste better as a fat, juicy steak, the way you cook other meats can make them almost as delicious. Learn the right recipes for these meat products to retain their nutritious aspects while killing germs or bacteria.

Sustenance is an important part of daily life. Before going into fad diets or even choosing a lifestyle with too many food limitations, figure out how you can be healthy without forgoing the food groups that you love. This will make any diet a lot more successful.

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The Comeback: Re-entering Your Home after a Calamity

flooded homeThe forces of nature are difficult to deal with and natural calamities can leave you empty-handed. Regardless of the structure of your home, you can’t be sure if it’s safe from flood or hurricanes. Sometimes, you have to get lucky. In case your house does survive, by a stroke of good fortune, you have a lot of work to do to make it ideal for living once again. Here are some suggestions by water damage repair experts like that you need to do when going back to your home:

Perform an Initial Check

By standing at the doorstep, you can determine if there are hazards in your home. Don’t go inside if you smell gas or any leaking fuel, such as gasoline, kerosene, or liquid propane (LP). If the electricity isn’t working, don’t use candles or oil lamps when entering because these can cause an explosion. Use a flashlight or better yet, wait for a professional to confirm the condition of your home.
Check if there are electrical hazards before entering your home. Any kind of appliance, or wiring, outlet, switch, and power cord, shouldn’t be standing in water. This exposes you to the danger of electric shock.

Dry Out Your Interiors

It’s possible to save your household items if these haven’t been wet for two days or more. Remove standing water by using a wet vacuum, hand bilge pump, or sump pump. Fix the roof and gutters immediately to prevent more water from entering. Use dehumidifiers to save the house from extreme humidity. Dry out your home faster by using a heavy-duty fan and opening the windows when it’s not raining or too humid outside.

Hire a professional to check the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, so you’re sure that there’s no mold or mildew infestation in the ducts. This way, you can prevent these from spreading throughout your home.

Going back to your home after a natural calamity is part of your own recovery and coping mechanism, but you have to be sure that there are no risks involved. Before cleaning the interiors, it’s best to evaluate its condition with the help of a professional to avoid further damage.

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